...Ku'osh continued slowly, in a soft chanting voice, saying, "Maybe you don't know some of these things,"...
    "But you know, grandson, this world is fragile."
    The word he chose to express "fragile" was filled with the intricacies of a continuing process, and with a strength inherent in spider webs woven across paths through sand hills where early in the morning the sun becomes entangled in each filament of web. It took a long time to explain the fragility and intricacy because no word exists alone, and the reason for choosing each word had to be explained with a story about why it must be said this certain way. That was the responsibility that went with being human, old Ku'oosh said, the story behind each word must be told so there could be no mistake in the meaning of what had been said; and this demanded great patience and love.

Leslie Marmon Silko

quotes:   Leslie Marmon Silko  |  V.S. Naipaul  |  W.E.B DuBois  |  Chang-rae Lee




















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